Software Heritage Sound

swh-snd is an sound art experiment on top of Software Heritage archive.

1. Introduction

This project aims to investigate the software evolution throught the combination between data sonification and data visualization with approach experimental (not as in scientific experiment) and artistic.

The strategy of investigation takes inspiration from Paul Feyerabend:

The only principle that does not inhibit progress is: anything goes (Feyerabend 1975).

2. Build

Requires Pandoc or later and citeproc.

make index.html

To build the pdf version.

make paper.pdf

Download paper.pdf

3. Research Question

Does data sonification combined with data visualization can enrich software evolution understanding?

4. Background


TODO (SUBER 1988).

Software Evolution

Universal Software Archive

Software Heritage is … building the universal software archive, the project collect and preserve software in source code form, the archive is accessible … because only by sharing it we can guarantee its preservation in the very long term

SWDID (Cosmo, Gruenpeter, and Zacchiroli 2018).

Software Heritage mirror


Research Software


How does the rate of swhid adoption has been evolving?



Sonification isn’t Data Sonification, sonification is the practical use of sound to solve a question.

Data Sonification

TODO (Kaper, Tipei, and Wiebel 2000).

Software Sonification

TODO (Mancino and Scanniello 2017; Andrade 2014).

Software Sonification tools


5. Technical References


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